I’m available for consulting in the following areas:

Systems and Strategic Consulting: understand your options and catalyze your  potential. Problem-solving, future-trends, reconfiguration of unworkable or unprofitable situations, perception and communication.  Unique natural-systems-derived  cost/benefit analysis : this yields both innovative strategies and novel techniques to reorganize and manage your life, health,  business, government agency or non-profit organization.

For all scales of function, from local non-profits to multinationals: The main elephant in our global ‘room’ is that current strategies are based on outmoded concepts of our systems as systems,  and  biased assumptions or blind spots.

Personal optimization and executive coaching for groups, trainings, and weekend workshops: Quite often this level is skipped in the belief that top-down ‘leadership’  is the main requirement. But group dynamics and even single individuals can disrupt or damage large-scale projects, while lack of integrity in communications and HR issues can derail progress.  My unique, community-tested communications approaches can unveil blockages, bolster innovation, and nip festering problems in the bud.

Personal health consulting: Building key foundations to upgrade your life and cascade those changes throughout your personal system. See my new website shortly on optimizing your personal health.

Group Health in Business

The role of  ‘health’ is indisputable in human group endeavors –  fit and happy individuals are more productive, creative, and don’t damage the bottom line through excessive health care needs, sick days, non-productivity, and decreased psychological morale.

A systems approach can be  usefully applied to groups, teams, and organizatons.  Without the competence – at all levels –  to equably handle stress, disengage from imbalance, fear, and overwhelm,  handle information overload and group communications, and work effectively and happily as a unit — well, productivity and value suffer. This is as true in a kindergarten classroom or family living room as it is in a boardroom or home office.  Transforming damaging habits into win-win-win-win scenarios is the goal.

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