About Me


As a complex systems scientist and Ph.D in Neuroscience, my interests, science, and consulting work span many fields and applications.

My initial training was as a journalist and psychologist (B.A. Northwestern University), but I shortly began specializing in computational and theoretical neuroscience with a Ph.D at UCSD. (see further on education here) , as well as additional training in  complex systems, biochemistry and neuroendocrinology. But stints in the study of artificial intelligence and its technological applications, in nonlinear dynamics (chaos theory) and complex systems theory, and then a full-on dive into ecosystems theory and human ecology  – all altered my perspective to that of a cross-disciplinary global citizen.

Add to that a LOT of global travel, an enduring interest in other cultures, history, socio-economics and civilization – and it became clear that my interests and capacities are driving me towards an understanding of systems of all kinds…. and the desire to improve them.

I am currently:

a scientist and researcher
a consultant (to individuals, government agencies, non-profits, and businesses;
a writer (two books in progress, popular pieces to be uploaded shortly)
a networker and connector, a facilitator,  inventor, and catalyst;
a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, UNM, Albuquerque.

Total Health of Mind and Body

As a neuroscientist, my core consulting work has been in brain and health optimization, especially in dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress management.  Prevention of illness and post-disease rebuilding, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, and cognitive integration and restructuring are all part of custom programs I can create for you to reboot your system to its highest potential.

Anti-aging and Rejuvenation

Preventing the aging of mind and body by combining cutting-edge Western medical research  with traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient knowledge brings what I believe to be a truly integrative approach to body, mind, heart and purpose of individuals.  This unique, custom health program design extends through catalyzing the individual to clear issues of many kinds and yield greater balance with and support of their families and communities.

Complex Systems Consulting

Environment. As a complex systems scientist and later an ecologist, much of my other recent consulting has focused on integrating our knowledge of healthy healthy ecosystems on state and federal lands. Understanding the interdependence of humans and nature,  as well as the developing metrics of the  true costs of human activities on our environment, is both a scientific and a strategic foundational goal of mine.

Strategic consulting.  Strategic (that is, long-term, systemic and holistic) approaches to business and other human ventures have been impeded by a short-sighted push for short-term profits. I have created new conceptual frameworks  that leverage complex systems concepts and  innovative applications of technology and thought leadership for a sustainable and profitable future.  I believe that bridging economics, politics, and culture to the understanding of both human behavior and to networked systems — including ecological ‘externalities’ —  is probably one of the most acute problems facing humanity. In this arena I have been working with multiple groups both public and private toward sustainable models based on natural systems solutions.

My More Recent projects include the metrics and scientific foundations of sustainable agriculture, artificial intelligence critique and risk analysis, software development,  multi-cultural communications and dialogue projects, and leveraging scientific knowledge and information technology for global benefit.

Non-profit experience: The Global Dialog Project

Since 1999 I have been the Executive Director of  The Global Dialog Project, (http://www.global-dialog.org; currently being reorganized and redesigned).  TGDP  has successfully used ancient Native American techniques as well as modern Bohm-ian dialogue techniques to explore new types of human group dynamics over the course of five years and more than 50 community gatherings.

Emerging from this work was  a non-partisan movement  which won organized community support to uphold the Bill of Rights,  and Constitutional freedoms across the USA.  This required building a 2000+ member grassroots movement, and resulted in my having had published many print media articles and giving numerous radio interviews and speeches before crowds as large as 5000 participants.

Global Dialog’s participatory democracy movement regularly drew weekly meetings of more than a hundred  people. My work  resulted in the passage of City and County resolutions upholding the Constitution.

My subsequent workshops teaching  strategic and marketing campaign techniques to many city and county groups across New Mexico supported the passage of many other similar resolutions across the state. Global Dialog then initiated state legislation, extending my experience to lobbying, and deeper political campaigning in support of basic rights and liberties.

I received several awards from city and state groups acknowledging my impact and grassroots leadership on the New Mexico political scene.

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